Metal Tooling Lesson Plan

metal cuff

There are times when I sat and did hours of research to find the right kind of lesson for the materials I had chosen.  Often, I was looking for art that had a functional purpose for my students so that they would actually take it home versus filling up my trash with thousands of dollars worth of materials.  Hidden in one of my cabinets, there were about seven rolls of metal foil that I had inherited when I started teaching at the middle school.  Teachers before me had students create some Aztec inspired mandalas.  The examples were beautiful but I was concerned that my impoverish, rough around the edges students would be careless since they could relate to artistic history.

I came across this tutorial,, one night of researching.  I loved the idea and thought that students would take a more personal interest.  When they finished them, one girl said, “I wish it were just little longer to fit on my wrist.”  The next time I had students create the napkin ring, I precut the foil a little longer to become a cuff.  This item was often never in the trash after the project was evaluted and sent home with students.

PDF Doc  MetalCuffLP


About targetart

I'm an artist, former art educator, sister, daughter, wife, and mother. I change my profile name so that I'm some what anonymous since one of the blogs I maintain deals with some taboo issues.
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2 Responses to Metal Tooling Lesson Plan

  1. roylcoblog says:

    How inspiring! It takes a lot of creativity and research to make a project turn out–especially with such harsh critics as your own students! Kudos to you for the positive results!

    • targetart says:

      Middle school students can be some of the harshest students. This is the age that they start finding out what they like and noticing what their peers like.

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